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Meet the Whales: Naya | Russia's Last Captive Orca | Urgent Rescue Needed

Urgent rescue is needed for Naya, the LAST CAPTIVE ORCA IN RUSSIA.

She has lost everything--her freedom, both of her companions, and her less than a month old calf within the last year.

Naya, a Russian Transient Orca, lived together with a female Orca, Narnia, and a male Orca, Nord, at Moskvarium until both her companions died in 2023. This made Naya one of the three "lone" killer whales in the world at the time. The others are Kshamenk and Tokitae.

Naya was pregnant with her first calf at only 10 years old. Orcas typically get pregnant at 14 years old. She gave birth to her first calf after 10 hours of hard labor without the help of another Orca relative.

Even though the female calf appeared alert and strong in the videos posted, many things were not right. Naya's calf had signs of peanut head--when Orcas lose weight, they lose fat from their blubber and if prolonged, this can eventually lead to a pronounced depression behind the blowhole. The head looks like an unshelled peanut--and a drooped dorsal fin. Sadly, on January 26, 2024, Naya's calf passed away. This was reportedly due to a heart malformation.

Naya was put back on display only 7 days after the death of her calf while showing abnormal, high stress related behaviors.

Naya needs to be rescued and released to an ocean Sanctuary where she can enjoy the company of other Orcas and begin to heal.

Naya the orca swims in her tank at Moksvarium in Russia, help rescue Naya from captivity, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea, End Orca Captivity, Transient Orca Rescue, Whale Rescue, Canadian whale rescue

Naya (Female, 11 years old)

  • Naya was captured in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia Sea in 2014. She was approximately 1 year old when she was captured

  • She is 100% Transient Orca

  • She was most likely still nursing when she was ripped away from her mother

  • She joined Nord and Narinia in Moksvarium in 2014. The three whales seemed to grow close and performed well together after initial conflicts

  • Naya lost both of her companions in 2023 while she was pregnant with her first calf

  • Nord was 16 years old

  • Narnia was 17 years old

  • Naya's calf passed away less than a month after birth, reportedly due to a congenital heart defect

  • She was not allowed proper time to grieve

  • Naya has lost everything and remains the last and loneliest captive Orca in Russia

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