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Wild Orca whale breaching out of the ocean, Orca Sanctuary, Save the Orca Whales



Our mission is to emancipate, rehabilitate, re-wild, and free captive and injured Orca whales home to the Sea by creating ocean-based Orca Sanctuaries of Healing--starting with the first in Haida Gwaii.

We work to conserve, protect, and increase dwindling Orca populations by returning them to where they blong--in the sea.

We Belong to the Sea is a Canadian federally and provincially registered non-profit organizations based in West Vancouver, BC and is also a registered 501 in the United States.

A pod of Orca Whales coming up for air in the first light of the morning, Orca pods, Save the Orca Whales, We Belong to the Sea, Haida Orca Sanctuary
Arctic killer whales swimming between icebergs, Save the Orca Whales, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea
Dorsal fin of a killer whale appearing above the ocean's surface, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea, save the orca whales, endangered species conservation
A lone Orca whale swimming through the ocean, Haida Orca Sanctuary, Haida Gwaii, We Belong to the Sea, Save the whales

We are here to LOVE

We are here to CREATE

We are here to HEAL

We recognize the sacredness and inherent birthright of all sentient beings to live in FREEDOM and DIGNITY in their natural home environment.

We do this work with thoughtful, respectful, and compassionate decolonial intention, partnering with Indigenous leadership, observing and respecting Indigenous protocols and laws as best we can as we learn and unlearn, braiding together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples in a good way, through our shared love of our magnificent Orca relatives. We recognize the deep, sacred ancestral relationship between Orcas and Indigenous peoples dating back many thousands of years who consider Orcas as members of their family, equal to any human - 'our relatives under the sea'. So it only follows that First Nation peoples see captive Orcas as abducted and imprisoned family members--held in slavery for financial profit by the 'animal entertainment' industry. We Belong to the Sea exists to abolish slavery, trafficking, and the exploitation and slave labor of Orcas for financial profiteering.

  • To educate, elevate, and promote a genuinely respectful, caring, knowledgeable, and harmonious human relationship towards Orca whales.

  • To create ocean-based Orca sanctuaries with consent and partnership with host First Nations, uniting like-minded partners to these shared ends of healing and liberation.

  • To restore balance and health of Orca populations and their interdependent ecosystems so that they may thrive, revitalizing and braiding together Indigenous knowledge systems and Western science. This includes working to support restoration of salmon populations and salmon bearing waterways and habitat, as well as returning other cetaceans and marine animals currently suffering in captivity.

  • To act gently and thoughtfully as best we can to heal the harm done to our Orca relatives, particularly since the 1960s when a generation of baby Orcas were violently taken by force from their home oceans and families, treated as a commodity to be caged and exploited by the animal captivity industry.

  • To respect and follow our duty to protect and care for all scared life, in balance, following Indigenous Natural Laws (grounded in the 7 sacred laws of Gratitude, Respect, Honesty, Humbleness, Wisdom, Courage, and Love) and to come back into right relations in service to our Mother Earth and our Orca relatives and the next 7 Generations.

  • To bring together non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples, nations, tribes, communities, organizations, and all levels of governments, via the sanctuary creation, by uniting in this work, to bring liberation and empowerment to all involve thereby in freeing and healing the Orcas, we free and heal humans at the same time--a reciprocal gift and relationship of respect and balance.

  • To right past wrongs, as best we can, bringing healing, wellness, unity, and peace to all peoples involved.

A pod of killer whales coming up for air, orca whale pods, save the orca whales, save the whales, Haida Orca Sanctuary, Canadian orca preservation, We Belong to the Sea
Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, Canada, Canadian orca sanctuary, save the whales, orca conservation, endangered animals, We Belong to the Sea
A dorsal fin of an orca whale appears out of the sea with snowy mountains in the background, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea, save the whales, Canadian whale conservation, Haida Gwaii

On our shared Planet Earth, there are few better locations for the first Orca healing sanctuary than the pristine waters of Gwaii Haanas, on the breathtaking unceded Haida Gwaii archipelago--nicknamed 'Canada's Galapogos'--home to rich wildlife and over 500 archeological sites. Supported by local Matriarchs, Hereditary Chiefs, Council, and a growing number of respected Elders, Widsom Keepers, and the Haida community--enthusiasm and consent from more and more Haida members is growing to host this world's first healing sanctuary and Guardian care to bring the Orca relatives home.

Haida Gwaiia, Canadian Orca Sanctuary, save the whales, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea
A killer whale coming up for air with the sunset behind it, Haida Orca Sanctuary, whale sanctuary, save the orcas, save the whales, Haida Gwaii Canada

The first choice location for the sanctuary enclosure is Gordon Cove at the headwaters of Cumshewa Inlet on Moresby Island, accessible from Sandpit Airport. After discussions with Haida Hereditary Chief and careful, thorough consideration of many site options, Gordon Cove has been recommended by these Chiefs to be the best sanctuary location. Their reasoning includes:

  • This is the ancestral jurisdiction of the appropriate Hereditary Chiefs since time immemorial who give their consent and support

  • Close vicinity to the town of Skidegate and nearby Sandpit Airport

  • Road access with ample parking

  • Boat dock access with ramp

  • Canda's first and well established Guardian Program for potential local Indigenous collaboration with Guardians for Orca care.

  • Secluded and peaceful

  • Recreational camping visitors in the summer at nearby Moresby Recreational Camp Site, allowing for distant observation of the sanctuary from a stress-free distance

  • Deep cove with sharp shoreline drop-offs ensuring safety from Orca beaching at low tide

  • The U-shaped cove allows for spacious deep net enclosure and EZ-Dock floating system to be set up

Orca pod blowing water through its blowhole, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea, End animal cruelty, Save the whales, Save the Orcas, Killer Whale Conservation
Orca pod blowing water through its blowhole, Haida Orca Sanctuary, We Belong to the Sea, End animal cruelty, Save the whales, Save the Orcas, Killer Whale Conservation, whale flipper


We are building our Orca healing team and could use help in many areas. If you LOVE Orcas and would like to be part of this healing journey, please reach out to us. We are looking forward to connecting with you, uniting and growing our team of Orca Healers and Liberators.

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